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From each perspective you are included

The kaleidoscope is an optical instrument that gives a colorful and fragmented view on your surroundings. Photo exhibition ‘Part of the Kaleidoscope: from each perspective you are included’ invites you to look at the world as if you would look at a kaleidoscopic image, consisting of countless little shimmering parts but creating a beautiful collage at the same time. It’s a colorful symbol for a diverse and inclusive society, in which every individual plays an essential part in the bigger picture.


The people you see in the photographs, shot with a kaleidoscopic lens by photographer Anne van Zantwijk, feel strongly connected to the LGBTQIA+ community. They are powerful souls, coming from different backgrounds and defining their own gender identity and sexual orientation. No one is the same, they all have their own story to tell. And yet they are equal and strongly connected to each other.


This exhibition is part of a bigger project around Pride Amsterdam 2023, initiated in collaboration with Tess van Zwol Pride. The kaleidoscopic theme and the portraits are also shown on her Canal Parade boat, where the same message will be presented: from each perspective you are included.


This exhibition is supported by Pride Amsterdam, the PQR diversity and inclusivity program and De Hallen Amsterdam.

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