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"I am a woman with a transgender background and I'm in a relationship with a very sweet and handsome boyfriend. Before this, I was a gay man. It was a process full of pain, loneliness and confusion. But also filled with a lot of love, understanding and support. It took a long time before I allowed myself to feel happy. I learned that the world is a place full of color, not just grey tones.


I am still defining who I am as a woman. What makes me feel good and what doesn't? What do I do because I (or others) think it is part of being a woman and what do I do because it is a part of me? It never ceases to amaze me how different the world is for heterosexual women than for homosexual men. It feels like exploring a new world. 


The question whether I am passing as a woman is still very important to me and largely determines my interaction with others. If I feel comfortable around the people I'm with, I am open, cheerful and spontaneous. In situations outside my comfort zone I am much more guarded and self-conscious. Especially making new contacts and undertaking new things can be a bit stressful. I keep repeating the same question to myself: will people see or hear it?


I wish everyone the ability to look behind the borders of your own world and accept the different thoughts, experiences and identities of other human beings. If we can do that, there will be room for conversation and understanding. I am proud of who I am and what I have accomplished. I think that is important to share. I like to show that everyone deserves a radiant smile."

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