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"I married a woman that identifies as lesbian, but loves me more than anyone regardless of her sexual orientation. Being with her made me realize how presumptuous the world is and how much the LHBTI+ community has to deal with discrimination. I’ve been an outspoken ally ever since.


Whether there are any events, beliefs or prejudices that I had to defeat in order to be who I am? You could almost say: unfortunately not. It might be good for the white heterosexual male if they did have to defeat prejudice in some way or another, in order to understand others who do have to experience it better.


My immediate environment turned out to be less inclusive than I used to think. Because of my relationship with a lesbian woman, I started to notice the many stupid 'jokes' or subtle discriminatory statements even more. There is such a big difference in the way a straight man or someone from the LGBT+ community is treated. I would wish for a society where people are less concerned with what another person calls themselves, what preferences they have or how they want to live their life. Why bother each other, if we can just be nice to one another?"

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