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"At this moment, I would describe myself as a non-binary trans man. I identify as non-binary because I decided to let go of the male/female dichotomy. I don’t know what another man experiences, or what another woman experiences. All I know is that we all look different, and I hope we all get to present ourselves in a way we feel most comfortable with. 


I also identify as a trans man because I transitioned from woman to man. I would call myself straight at the moment, although I am increasingly open to more than just cisgender women. Perhaps I am discovering pansexuality?


I didn't start doubting and discovering my gender identity until I was about 20 years old, which is 6 years ago now. Until then I didn't have the words for it, but in retrospect I have always been non-binary. Earlier I identified as lesbian, though that didn't feel entirely suiting. But considering I was a 'woman' who was attracted to women, it felt like the only option at the time. My wife (girlfriend 6,5 years ago) gave me all the space for my thoughts and feelings and gave words to what I was feeling. Thanks to her, I was able to find out who I am and what I wanted.


When I lived my life as a woman, I was afraid to sit with my legs crossed 'like women do'. I even was afraid to look at other men, because 'I wasn't gay'. In that I have grown so much and become so free. I sit, walk and stand the way I please and I decide who I look at. Just the way I am."

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